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Pre-Orders Open on Pac-Man PVC Collectible From First4Figures

Pac-Man Collectible from First4Figures
Pac-Man Collectible from First4Figures

First4Figures are now taking pre-orders on an official PVC collectible of Pac-Man, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic video game franchises. The design is based on the classic Pac-Man and re-creates the original maze in 3D form, with a striking infinity mirror bringing the piece to life. Four LED strips light up in the corners to represent the maze's four corners, with a single LED light repeating infinitely in the mirror to create the effect of a line of dots behind Pac-Man, as is seen in the game. Pac-Man can be rotated to either face forwards or face the dots, creating the effect that he is about to eat them.

Pac-Man Collectible from First4Figures
Pac-Man Collectible from First4Figures

Where To Buy

The Pac-Man PVC collectible can be pre-ordered now from First4Figures:

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